Color Road Game

Color Road

When it is hot outside like on a hot summer day what can you other than sitting inside, turn on AC and play some games on a mobile phone. There are many games you can play, and I am sure you would enjoy many of them, but the Color Road game is one that you must try.

Color Road is the game about reflexes, good eye, color recognition and thinking ahead. All these skills for a simple game. Color Road is really a simple game. You have a ball that is rolling on the road and needs to avoid obstacles. The color of the ball determines which path you should choose, always look for the path that is the same color as the rolling ball. But be careful there are obstacles that will change the color of the rolling ball, and you need to recognize that on time and not take the wrong path. People that are color blind will have difficulties to play this game. But this game is also good to check if you are color blind or you don't have the recognition skill.

By playing this game, you will for sure to train your reflexes and decision-making process. Many people in the modern life have trouble with making the decision, even making the wrong decision, they just don't make any decision. In the Color Road, you will need to act and make rapid decisions. I hope decisions you make will be right and that you will climb the Color Road leaderboard.

This game is ideal for all kind of people. It doesn't matter if you are young or old you will have fun. And by having fun you will also train your brain, you will train how to make a decision faster and how to recognize things on the run. But most importantly you will train your reflexes. I can highly recommend this game to young kids who are still not having their skills of recognition at the highest possible level, as well their reflexes may be low. By playing Color Road, they can grow all the skills the game trains and be more successful in the life. Who says games are not good?

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